About Metalwërks®

Headquartered in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, with production facilities in Elkton, Maryland, Metalwërks is the leading US manufacturer of precision high performance metal plate exterior facade systems, integrated curtain wall components, and custom architectural features.

Sculpted™ 3D rainscreen wall system

The company operates as Metal Sales & Service, Inc. which was originally founded in 1968 and began closely collaborating with architects to achieve new levels of form and function in systems precision-manufactured from solid metal plate. As a result of this collaboration and product development, in 1985 the company began marketing its solid metal plate products under the Metalwërks name. Today, Metalwërks is unparalleled in the quality, diversity, integrity and reputation of its systems, services, and employees.

Metalwërks possesses a wealth of real-world experience and knowledge that informs every design and engineering decision that go into its systems and projects. This is a big reason why Metalwërks systems are more materially and structurally efficient, far more easily and affordably constructible, and why architects, owners, and contractors alike continue to prefer Metalwërks systems over alternatives.

As a family-owned company, Metalwërks takes ultimate pride in the high quality, integrity and good reputation of its systems, services, and employees. This unwavering commitment to quality is most evident in its craftsmanship, unparalleled in the industry.

Metalwërks stands behind all of its products to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

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