Creating high-performance building exteriors is a team effort and Metalwërks® is an important team member, not merely for precision manufacturing, but by offering up our expertise to the building team wherever and whenever it’s needed.


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Engineering Support

Metalwërks provides engineering support to verify required structural support under a traditional delegated design scope or can assume sole responsibility for structure support requirements in a design assist/design build capacity. These extensive services includes BIM, 3D modeling, mockups, structural engineering calculations, and more!

Metalwërks Engineering Support

System Consultation

Metalwërks design team can help you select the right system to meet your project’s aesthetic, performance, and budget requirements. This includes system type, material selection, colors and finishes, sustainable design objectives, integrated lighting, and vegetative wall integration.

Metalwërks System Consultation

Construction Methodology

Metalwërks’ extensive background on installed projects is an impressive body of work illustrating a rich contracting pedigree. This experience provides a building team a resource of real-world know-how to develop construction methodologies and select systems that provide the highest level of efficiency, productivity and safety, while minimizing job-site disruption and ensuring that your Metalwërks systems are installed perfectly.

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Metalwërks Construction Methodology

Installation Training and Support

Metalwërks’ customers repeatedly report that Metalwërks provides the highest quality, most detailed and coordinated shop drawings in the industry. Metalwerks collaborates with your team to provide layout and helpful installation guidance to ensure a fast and efficient installation. Metalwërks is also available to answer any questions any time during installation to ensure your project progresses smoothly.

Metalwërks Installation Training and Support


Metalwërks also consults with facility maintenance teams on best practices for maintaining their Metalwërks systems, keeping them functioning and looking beautiful.

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