Barrier Wall Systems

Exceptional Design Freedom and Solid Value

Metalwërks® solid metal plate Omniplate™ barrier wall systems are engineered to serve as the primary exterior weather barrier, preventing wind and water penetration from penetrating a building. Omniplate 1500 and 2510 both meet high performance standards, while maintaining ultimate design freedom and flexibility.

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Explore Metalwërks Omniplate™ barrier wall system options

Omniplate 1500 barrier wall system - PortColumbus AP

Omniplate™ 1500

An economical option, Omniplate 1500 employs fully caulked horizontal and vertical joints, creating a barrier against air and water from penetrating the wall’s interior assembly. Omniplate 1500 panels can be flat, curved, or take on three-dimensional forms.

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Omniplate 2510 barrier wall system - Bowie State University

Omniplate™ 2510

A premium dry-sealed system employing concealed gaskets to form a barrier against air and water penetration into the wall’s interior assembly. Omniplate 2510 panels are available flat or curved in sizes up to 6’ (1.829m) x 20’ (6.096m).

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