Custom Interior Cladding

Unlimited Finish Combinations at a Competitive Value

Metalwërks® custom designs and fabricates panelized plate cladding for a variety of interior wall and ceiling applications to achieve an architect’s vision and performance criteria. The smooth metal cladding may be applied to virtually any vertical, sloped, or horizonal surface over uninsulated masonry, structural steel, stud backup, or within curtain wall designs. An excellent choice for projects demanding wide design flexibility, the cladding accommodates artistic freedom by offering nearly unlimited combinations of finishes, profiles, and sizes, as well as options for joint treatments, all at a competitive value with other metal or non-metal cladding materials.

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Features and Benefits

  • Typically manufactured in solid 0.063-0.125” aluminum
  • Contains no plastic or insulation core materials
  • Custom fabricated with no minimum production runs or size limitations.
  • Panels have uniform strength with no risk of delamination or combustion due to flammable components
  • Welded panel corners, ground smooth with no visible seams
  • All products are engineered and manufactured in-houses
  • Highly dent and puncture resistant, suitable for high-traffic or abusive environments
  • Easily curved, contoured for radii down to 6″
  • Post-applied finishing (applied after fabrication) by licensed applicators, producing the highest quality results
  • Finish warranties up to 20 years (Consult factory for specific limitations)
  • 100% recyclable panels manufactured from aluminum plate containing high post-consumer and industrial content, which can contribute to LEED credits.
  • Available in no-VOC powder coat finishes
  • Solid aluminum construction accommodates curves, 3D profiles, and difficult transitions without unsightly splices or joints common with composite materials
  • Highly versatile due to formability for complex applications

Common Applications

  • Walls and ceilings
  • Stairwells
  • Elevator cabs and bays
  • Escalators and people movers
  • Column covers
  • Tunnels
  • Concourses and terminals
  • Smoke and exhaust shafts

Metal Substrate and Finish Options


3003-H14 aluminum alloy-temper

Thickness: 0.063” (1 mm) up to 0.187″ (4.75 mm) options

Finishes: Kynar®, acrylic enamel, baked enamel, architectural TGIC Polyester powder coating, or anodized


T304 or T316

Thickness: 18 Gauge (0.050”) – 12 gauge (0.101”) (2.78 mm) options

Finishes: #4, #6, #8, and non-directional satin in smooth or custom embossed patterns

Panel Sizes

Widths: 12” (305 mm) to 54” (1,371 mm)*

Lengths: 12” (305 mm) to 160” (4,064 mm)*

Depth: 1″- 1.75″ (44.5 mm) minimum

* Maximum panel size depends upon plate material, gauge, finish, and geometry

Panel Weight Range

(Dependent upon gauge and geometry)

Aluminum: 2.62 – 3.52 lbs/ft2

Stainless Steel: 2.25 – 4.6 lbs/ft2


SHARP CORNER sharp corner cladding diagram

STANDARD CORNER standard corner cladding diagram


Flashing: 0.040″ (1.016 mm) thick to 0.063″ (1.60 mm) aluminum

Coping: Wall copings may be produced with the same material as the wall panel system

Furring Channels: As required for proper mounting of panels

Fasteners: Type 304 stainless steel or cadmium-plated as recommended

Shims: High impact thermally-broken plastic shims to maintain co-planer surfaces


Material & Workmanship: 1-year standard, with 2- or 5-year options

Finish Integrity: 10-year standard and up to 20-year for coated aluminum

* Patent Pending