Decorative Metal old

In addition to metal plate wall systems, Metalwërks® manufactures a wide variety of custom architectural features in materials and finishes selected to perfectly match or elegantly contrast with Metalwërks® wall systems.

More importantly, all Metalwërks® architectural features are made with the same uncompromising attention to detail and structural efficiency for ease of installation and a maximum, trouble-free service life.

Metalwërks Column and Beam Cladding

Column and Beam Cladding

Beyond ordinary cylindrical or square tubular enclosures, Metalwërks® Column and Beam Cladding is available in virtually any geometrical form, as it too is manufactured from solid metal plate.

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Metalwërks Screewalls


Engineered to ensure structural integrity of the primary building structure, Metalwërks® Screenwalls are manufactured from a wide variety of materials.

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Metalwërks Canopy Cladding

Canopy Cladding

When made from solid metal plate, Metalwërks® Canopy Cladding panels may be flat, curved, or take on three dimensional forms, providing the ultimate seamless appearance and performance with Metalwërks® wall systems.

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Metalwërks Custom Enclosures

Custom Enclosures

Beautifully conceal MEP systems, structural elements, or conveyor systems within occupied spaces with Metalwërks® Custom Enclosures.

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