Why Metalwërks® Precision Metal Plate Systems?


Integrated Portfolio

With Metalwërks , you’ll discover the world’s most complete and integrated portfolio of exceptional wall systems, sunshades, canopies, trellises, screenwalls, column and beam covers, customized enclosures, and so much more.


Precision-manufactured for each building

Metalwërks systems are precision-manufactured specific to a project, eliminating the need for any costly and time consuming field fabrication requiring advanced skills. Therefore, precise measurements, drawings, and structural analysis are required – a level of precision similar to what’s required for a unitized glass curtain wall system, for example. Metalwërks engineers work in close concert with architects and engineers to ensure that precision is achieved.

Metalwërks systems are then detailed, manufactured, and tested to ensure that owners benefit from an extremely long-lasting and trouble-free exterior wall system.


The Perfect Finish

Metalwërks panel corners are fully welded then meticulously ground smooth for a seamless aesthetic and weathertight performance. Painted panels are coated by licensed applicators, precision crafted to exacting standards and follow strict QC Protocols following the manufacturing process to insure high performance coatings.


A Complete Coordinated Package

Each package of engineered goods is expertly packaged, crated for hoisting, and coordinated by area of work and sequence of installation as required to meet the customer’s priorities and needs. Attention to detail for coordination with adjacent systems is unsurpassed.

* Patent Pending