Why Plate

Solid metal plate is one of nature’s most suitable exterior cladding materials. Here’s why.


No plastics. No foams. Far safer.

(ZINC/SS/Painted Alumimum Plate montage)

Unlike ACM or insulated metal panels (IMPs), Metalwërks® metal plate – solid aluminum or solid stainless steel – is never fused with plastics for foams, so there is no concern for delamination. Also, ACM and IMPs are usually landfilled at the end of their service life because of the difficulty and cost of separating the metal from plastic. Whereas metal plate is easily scrapped for recycling and is always recycled owing to its significant value as scrap. Most importantly, in the event of a fire, with plate, there are no toxic plastics to burn creating dangerous health and safety risk.

Thick and strong

(Metal Siding Vs Plate Still Life w/captions)

Solid metal plate panels are ideal for their robust thickness and strength. To qualify as metal plate, thickness of the metal must be at least 1/8” (0.125” or 3.175 mm) thick. This thickness provides an extremely flat surface with few or no stiffeners required, depending upon panel size. There is no oil canning with Metalwërks metal plate systems, a common problem with panels made from sheet metal (less than 1/8” thick). Metal plate’s robust nature also makes it is far more resistant to denting than ACM or sheet metal, whether caused by people or the forces of nature.

Dead flat or formed according to your vision

(Form montage)

Imaginative architects leverage metal plate’s high strength and formability to more affordably deliver remarkable exterior expressions – from dead flat to bold angular or curvilinear forms that impart texture, movement, and rhythm, the hallmarks of Metalwërks-clad buildings.   

Keeping it dry

(Wet Plate)

Solid metal plate panels, like all metal cladding materials, cannot absorb water and easily shed water away from a building, helping to keep buildings dry and free from mold development or water damage. All Metalwërks products are produced from corrosion-resistant non-ferrous metals.

Proven performance

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Metalwërks plate systems have been widely used for exterior metal wall systems for decades and metal plate is a listed material within the National Institute of Building Sciences’ Building Envelope Design Guide.

Surprisingly economical

(Great Large Project)

Because of its high strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum plate is the most commonly used material. However, stainless and zinc plate are also popular. Metalwërks raw metal plate is sourced directly from the mill and does not require any third party fabrication. Metalwërks purchases plate in large volumes directly the mill. This buying power helps to make its systems cost competitive with alternative metal panel systems.

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