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Democracy Tower – Reston, VA

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230,000 sq. ft.







Omniplate 1500

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Located in the heart of Reston Town Center, Democracy Tower is a nine-story building with 230,000 square feet of office and retail space. The tower sits atop an eight-story podium including retail and a parking structure, making it one of the tallest buildings in the area.

In designing the garage and stair tower, architects knew it was important to utilize materials that would accomplish multiple objectives – improve the efficiency of the complex, contribute to LEED certification, and give the structure visual appeal.

They turned to innovations from Metalwërks to deliver on all fronts.

Ventilation and Aesthetics with Ease

The parking structure at Democracy Tower was one of Metalwërks’ earliest projects using unitized construction of perforated concealed frame screenwalls. Using such material reduces the amount of light that escapes the garage from vehicles. The screenwalls also promote better ventilation of auto exhaust through the perforation in the panels.

The garage and stair tower features a combination of Metalwërks panels to complete the building envelope. To add texture to the large facades and encourage better air flow, crews installed 19,000 square feet of perforated panels in a variable pattern. Alongside the perforated panels, Metalwërks fabricated 10,000 square feet of Solid Omniplate 1500 panels to be installed at stair towers and canopies. Column covers in silver gray and silver metallic finishes completed the façade’s look.

Perforated panels offer ultimate durability, damage-resistant finishes, and contribute LEED credits. The panels provide shading, heat reduction, and ventilation for parking garages, glass curtain walls, and glazed assemblies. Perforation diffuses direct sunlight and provides screening for security purposes.

The Omniplate 1500 is a barrier wall system with visible caulk joints at all horizontal and vertical joints. It can be installed over masonry, structural steel, stud backup or within curtain wall designs, providing freedom of form and challenging transitions without exposed trim or joints. The system is ideal for wall, vestibules, canopies and eyebrows, and enclosing exposed column, beams, and pilasters.

Metalwërks perforated panels and Omniplate 1500 are 100 percent recyclable with a high percentage of post-consumer and industrial content, contributing LEED credits. Additionally, Metalwërks’ raw materials are processed within 300 miles of most major East Coast metropolitan markets and incorporating products into building designs can contribute points toward LEED certification.

Crews installed all Metalwërks panels using a crane. Such an approach minimizes impact in an urban area during construction and cuts installation time in half, enabling the garage to more quickly begin generating revenue.

Ready for Business

Democracy Tower was built in 2009, making it one of the first towers in the Reston Town Center complex. Democracy Tower is LEED Gold certified and was the first office building in Reston Town Center to achieve the certification.

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