Engineered Detailing

Metalwërks® in-house engineering department is a key component in offering services superior to those of our competitors. Other firms typically broker out engineering/detailing work for their products. In that situation, contractors may have no say in the work done by these out-sourced agencies and lose significant quality control in a crucial stage of the project. Metalwërks has an in-house engineering/detailing team that is crucial to our–and your–overall project success. Can you afford the risk that comes from lack of coordination in a project? Trust the engineered detailing professionals at Metalwërks to target your project for absolute success.

Our Goal

Take architectural documents and create our own plans of locations where our products/systems interface with the building. We create our own shop drawings and return them to the architect for approval.

The Result

We deliver drawings with an incredible amount of detail that truly give the teams in the field an accurate representation of what to expect, which becomes a crucial tool in eliminating mistakes and unpleasant surprises. The Metalwërks engineering department isn’t satisfied with the “normal prep” that’s offered by other firms. We go beyond standard practices by asking for every trade’s shop drawings that our materials encounter during a project. We know each of our products and we know our own capabilities–and we’re in the best position to provide accurate, cost-effective engineering for each product’s application. The bottom line is that we’ll make everything work together the right way. Mistakes are costly (in time and material) for everyone involved on a project. Clients trust our engineering team to take every step possible to eliminate mistakes and to create the best possible interface for other trades involved in a project.

Experience and Manpower

Our 10-member engineering team is large enough to tackle complex projects and ensure the right design the first time. Our engineering manager has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry (mostly in curtain-wall industry). Experience and innovative ideas help us formulate drawings that match the architect’s vision. Have any “impossible” tasks? We’ll apply our seasoned expertise to develop a solution to your most difficult ideas. Our engineering team can transform your concepts into realities.
* Patent Pending