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1619 Walnut Street

1619 Walnut Street

Project Details


3,300 sq ft




Bohlin, Cywinski, Jackson; Phila., Pa., Wulff Architects


Custom Architectural Features, Rainscreen Wall


Arcwall, Screen Walls

The project comprised of a complete façade renovation to increase the aesthetic appeal for potential new tenants and deal with a deteriorating façade in a challenging urban environment between two existing buildings.

The façade included aluminum Arcwall™ rainscreen panels, a two story mechanical screen which added two levels of perforated screenwall, and a 12 gauge portal frame around the two story curtainwall façade and entry using 12 gauge back-routed stainless steel to provide sharp panel bends with a non-directional angel hair finish.

This Metalwërks® perforated Screenwall featured a graduated perforation pattern in 4 differing densities up to 50% on 3/16” Plate aluminum panels to allow the sky to be visible and maintain a higher translucence.

* Patent Pending