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7900 Wisconsin Ave – Bethesda, MD

Project Details


5,500 square feet




FX Fowle


Rainscreen Wall



Bringing Amenities Close to Home

In the heart of Bethesda, Maryland, 7900 Wisconsin Ave. is a preferred address for people seeking urban living. In addition to new residential apartment units, the building contains four levels of below-grade parking along with commercial retail space.

The tower in the building features plaza-level green space, rooftop amenities, a swimming pool, a dog park, and a covered portico connecting Wisconsin and Woodmont Avenues.

During the planning phases, architects learned that Bethesda required them to include an artistic element if the plans for the building were to move forward. Reflecting the pyramidal landforms in the landscaping, architects designed an eye-catching, angular façade for the portico, and they selected Metalwërks® to bring it to life

Eye-Catching Design 

Spanning 5,500 square feet, the intricate soffit developed by Metalwerks included 535 custom stainless-steel triangular panels on 140 unique planes.

As part of the design process, the Metalwërks team developed a quarter-sized prototype to show architects and installers what the final product would look like.

The team at Metalwërks then fabricated each panel of the open rainscreen systems in the company’s shop. Crews then joined the panels together on site on a specially created steel gusset system. Every 16 inches across the portico, there is a unique adjustment point with laser-cut galvanized steel gusset profiles that make up the skeleton of the design.

Sitting 30 feet above the ground, the reflective design is a visually stunning addition to the pedestrian-facing exterior of the building in the plaza. The stainless steel is finished with a mirrored finish to optimize the reflective properties of all 535 panels. In addition, the open rainscreen system is designed to withstand the elements and maintain safety for pedestrians.

Metalwërks rainscreen systems provide advanced long-term performance in thermal and moisture protection while offering design freedom and customization. All Metalwerks systems feature dry joinery and create a drained and ventilated cavity behind the wall to manage moisture effectively.

Ready for Business

Crews completed installation of the Metalwerks panels in September 2020 after nine months of work. 7900 Wisconsin Ave. is scheduled to open in early 2021.

* Patent Pending