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Bush Int’l Airport FIS, Houston TX

Bush Int'l Airport FIS, Houston TX

Project Details


60,000 sq ft




PGAL- Alexandria, Va.




Custom Architectural Features


Column and Beam Cladding, Custom Enclosures

Elliptical SS column cladding and painted aluminum horizontal duct enclosures with 1/2” thick plate rib end caps, wire mesh reveals and bull-nosed end caps required Solid Edge 3D Modeled manufacturing and erection drawings to enable all the stakeholders to integrate mechanical and electrical services such as light fixtures, FEC’s, LED Signage, sprinklers, speakers, and camera housings. Intense coordination with EII , our customer, GC and Architect made this a highly successful project for all involved. Special features include: 1/2” thick water jet cut aluminum plate rib and end cap assemblies for flying duct enclosure supports; SS woven wire cloth assemblies for end caps and major reveals at column covers, curved aluminum panels, embossed stainless steel column enclosures, custom cast aluminum end caps for LED sign enclosures suspended below ducts.

* Patent Pending