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Dansko Phase III Office & Retail Facility, Jennersville PA

Dansko Phase III Office & Retail Facility, Jennersville PA

Project Details


17,000 sq ft




Bernardon Haber Holloway Architects, Kennett Square,PA




Barrier Wall, Custom Architectural Features


Canopy Cladding, Omniplate 1500

The Dansko project is LEED Registered and has achieved Gold Certification with the new facility that is both “environmentally responsive and responsible”. The project uses 17,000 square feet of Metalwërks® Omniplate™ 1500 using a custom 2 coat fluoropolymer custom green finish on the Spandrel panels, Cornice & soffit features, Entry canopies, and Pilaster covers. The Omniplate 1500 system was customized to the architect’s vision including many reveals and articulations to create a number of aesthetic features to align with other elements of the facade. Panels vary in depth up to 4″ in places to create offsets and articulations vertically and horizontally. Panel lengths up to 14 ft create large monolithic surfaces between vertical pilaster features.

Metalwërks aluminum products incorporate aluminum of over 60% post consumer recycled content and are 99% recyclable after their useful life. In addition to the above, LEED points are obtained because the products were manufactured within 10 miles of the project site.

The project incorporates many sustainable features including measures to reduce storm water runoff with pervious parking areas, vegetated roofs, roof surfaces designed to reduce heat island effects, lighting to reduce light pollution, solar shading, and reflectors to provide natural light into the building as well as interior finishes using no VOC content and recycled materials.

* Patent Pending