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Grand Central Station – New York City, NY

Project Details

Scope Size:

196,500 sq. ft.

Market Segment:





Decorative Metal


Custom Enclosures, Custom Interior Cladding

Welcome to New York  

Grand Central Station a world-famous landmark in the heart of New York City, is part of the daily commute for more than a quarter of a million people. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority undertook efforts to expand the Long Island Rail Road terminal below Grand Central Terminal and Madison Avenue from 43rd Street to 48th Street, now known as “Grand Central Madison”. Grand Central Madison, adds eight tracks and four platforms in a two-level station sitting 100 feet below ground. The station connects commuters to the Long Island Rail Road and connects the 2nd Avenue line of the subway system to Metro North and Penn Station.

Customized cladding solutions from Metalwërks helped designers and installers address challenges presented by the expansion and ensure the solutions will endure for years to come.

Smart Design, Aesthetic Appeal  

Developing new platforms near active tracks as well as addressing irregularities in the existing concrete lining presented challenges for the project team. In partnership with The Jobin Organization, Metalwërks designed a support and panel attachment system to sit only three inches from the face of the tunnel to keep the system depth low in a tight space.   

“The Metalwërks expertise in design and fabrication – and their past life as installers and understanding how installers go about their process – enhances the design process and the user-friendly nature of their products, fabrication, and packaging,” said Jeff Capazzi, president at The Jobin Organization. “We’ve worked with the Metalwërks team in the past, and the capability to design and present drawings that don’t require additional changes is where they shine.”

Metalwërks fabricated 123,500 square feet of flat and curved aluminum assemblies to line 4,600 linear feet of tunnel walls. The tunnel wall system included perforated panels in three different patterns as well as solid panels. In addition, Metalwërks supplied 73,000 square feet of stainless steel cladding for elevator, escalator, and stair enclosures; smoke and exhaust shafts; and connecting concourses.

The aluminum panels for the tunnel wall cladding are used as an architectural screen wall to cover concrete surfaces on curved walls where trains enter passenger loading and unloading platforms. These custom panels utilize aluminum extruded posts for attachment mounted with custom clips.

To fulfill the design intent for the tunnel walls, the surface is finished in white, graffiti-resistant polyvinylidene fluoride-coated aluminum. The integrated solution utilized both perforated and solid panels, ensuring long-lasting aesthetics for the tunnels and optimal performance.

“We didn’t have much space between the substrate and the metal face, and we had intricate designs to fulfill,” said Anand Vinayagam, project manager at The Jobin Organization. “Working with Metalwërks presented the optimal engineered system with a panel thickness of an inch and a half, and they were able to fabricate everything on time and relay detailed information to the team in the field.”  

Metalwërks custom enclosures and cladding provide stable and efficient installations for a seamless appearance. The custom enclosures are noncombustible and pre-finished for the highest quality of coverage and uniformity. In addition, the panels are 100%-recyclable and manufactured from materials with high post-consumer and industrial content.

Arriving On Time

The expansion of Grand Central Station is based on a transit plan from 1950 that received funding in 2006. Tunnel boring connecting Manhattan and Queens began in 2007, followed by tunnel and track construction. The new terminal is scheduled to open in December 2022. Metalwërks began delivering initial components for installation in November 2019 and shipped the final release of panels in July 2021. There were 14 production releases for the majority of the production schedule. The Jobin Organization completed installation of the customized cladding solutions on the interior of the station expansion in February 2022.


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