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Miami Airport Concourse D Terminal

Miami Airport Concourse D Terminal

Project Details






Harper Perez, Miami, FL


Custom Architectural Features


Custom Enclosures

The Concourse D portion of the Miami Airport underwent significant additions and renovations as part of a $6 billion project to establish Miami International as a Gateway to service international traffic to the Latin American countries. Concourse designs include dual loading gates to accommodate the new 700 passenger Airbus A-380 aircraft.

Metalwërks® products included 14 gauge stainless textured metal by Rimex used for Custom stainless steel enclosures, column covers, and Wainscot. Other products featured in the renovations include 14 Ga #4 brushed stainless steel enclosures at escalator cladding, passenger loader portals, ticket lift gates and freestanding media centers constructed of tubular aluminum framework clad in 14 gauge panels. The long Concourse featured .080 aluminum wall cladding with a silver metallic mica finish.

* Patent Pending