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PA Military Museum

PA Military Museum

Project Details


1,900 sq ft


Education, Public


Purdy OGwynn Barnhart


Barrier Wall


Omniplate 2510

Boalsburg has long been a center for honoring those who served in the armed forces. In 1864, the wives of slain soldiers gathered in Boalsburg’s cemetery and agreed that it would become a yearly tradition. Boalsburg is now known as the birthplace of Memorial Day. The architects chose service ribbons to adorn the facade as a fitting tribute to the individuals, living and dead, who have served our country well.

Providing pre-construction design aid, Metalwërks® assisted the architect to detail and specify the Omniplate™ 2510 dry set wall panel system. This consisted of prefabricated extruded aluminum frames with stiffeners at every color transition. Prefinished sheets of .125″ thick aluminum were then adhered to the frames using structural silicone. Subsequently, our installation crews prepared the wall to receive the panels. Upon delivery, all 27 panels were installed in less than 3 days.

* Patent Pending