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Schellhase Commons at Ursinus College – Collegeville, PA

Project Details




Bernardon,Philadelphia and West Chester, PA


Rainscreen Wall



A Community Hub

Schellhase Commons on the Ursinus College campus is home to bustling social activity for students as well as a welcoming place for prospective students, a gathering space for alumni, and a meeting spot for the local community.

In the design phase, Shellhase Commons was envisioned as a 16,800-square-foot addition to Keigwin Hall and would be the product of new construction and renovation. The charge was to maintain the historical nature of Keigwin Hall and fuse it with the new space, which would house a bookstore, an entertainment area, and an admissions suite with meeting rooms.

Preserve the Old, Highlight the New

Architects needed a building envelope solution for Schellhase Commons that would be both classic and modern, tying the history of the current building to the new section. In addition, custom sizes of metal wall cladding were needed for the building, ones that would turn corners and wrap horizontally or vertically without adding significant cost to the project.

Metalwërks crafted a unique solution to meet this challenge using Econowall and Arcwall products. The rainscreen panels were adapted to address varying miter conditions and incorporated the multiple colors desired in a classic manner.

Both rainscreen wall systems are flexible in design but excellent in performance. Econowall and Arcwall panels are dry-set with interlocking longitudinal joints, serving as continuous insulation and water and air barriers

Metalwerks finishes products after fabrication, so small quantities of custom colors are able to be produced. Post-finished spray-applied fluoropolymer coatings provide finished edges to corners and metal seams that integrate effortlessly.

For Schellhase Commons, the Metalwerks finishing process allowed the architect’s vision to come to life by applying custom colors to smaller sections of each product.

Gather Round

After a year of construction, Schellhase Commons opened in early 2020.

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