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Westerville Veterans Memorial – Westerville, OH

Project Details

Scope Size:

620 sq. ft.

Market Segment:



Meyers + Associates


Column and Beam Enclosures


Column Covers and Beam Cladding

A Profound Look for Enduring Gratitude

Among the most recognized proverbs in American culture is the reminder that freedom is not free. As seen throughout the United States, monuments and memorials honoring the sacrifices of those who served can be found from the smallest nods to service all the way to grand gestures located on the National Mall in Washington D.C.

The Westerville Veterans Memorial is an example of a more local way to honor the contributions of servicemen and women who have fought to preserve the American way of life. Located just north of Columbus, OH, Westerville’s commitment to honoring its veterans was evident when the town included the memorial in its master plan for its parks nearly two decades ago. The $1.7 million project required both public and private funding.  

When it came time to fashion the exterior of the new memorial, Metalwerks answered the call to duty.

Dignified Design

The Columbus-based Meyers + Associates architecture firm was tapped with designing the memorial, which was to sit on a small parcel of land adjacent to Westerville’s community center, sports complex, and Heritage Park. Their design was a mixture of lush greenery, crisp concrete, and a canopy for visitor reflection.

For a bespoke look on the canopy’s column covers, Meyers + Associates subsequently leaned on Metalwërks and their 40-year history in this area. A team effort was undertaken to ensure accurate field dimensioning on the canopy’s varying tapered ceilings. Metalwërks’ persistence in this painstaking endeavor ensured stellar fitment of the factory cuts on each column.

The result is column covers that vary between 8’ and 14’ in height. Stainless steel was specified featuring a #6-directional long-grain satin base finish. Ceiling reveals, which were created with #8 mirror polish, supported the canopy’s dramatic sloping roofs. It’s a bold look; one that projects resilience and importance.

Because Metalwërks’ panel systems are reinforced and stiffened to resist deflection limits, the monument is poised to withstand years of high traffic—particularly important given its proximity to the town’s annual Field of Heroes and 4th of July festivities.

 “Westerville is thriving today because the generation before us made sacrifices we don’t have to make today,” said Monica Irelan, Westerville City Manager. “This corner of the Sports Complex is really becoming synonymous with the sense of patriotism many in Westerville feel, and it’s the right location for an expanded veterans centerpiece.”

The town of Westerville dedicated its new monument to veterans in November 2022.

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